Atmel AVR

Posted: September 29, 2011 in Uncategorized

Atmel AVR

A microcontroller develop by Atmel which uses a modify
Harvard Architecture and RISC on a Single chip.
It possesses flash memory, One-time programmable ROM, EPROM or EEPROM.


RISC Architecture

Reduced Intruction Set Computing which is base on the strategy of simplicity of intructions such that you can achive a higher performance with each intruction.  RISC Architecture is slowing being replace by LSA Architecture (Loas-Store Architecture).

Hardvard Architecture

The Hardvard Architecture is implemented in such a way that the storage is physically separated with signals pathways for the data instrucitons.  Todays computer implement a variation of the Hardvard Architecture known as “Modified Hardvard Architecture” for performance reason in order to support loading and executing programs from disk storage.


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