Motodev Steps (Install)

Posted: September 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

How To install
Motodev Steps

  1. Create an Account in Motodev in order to
    download the software.
  2. Download Motodev from
  3. Install the appropriate version of Java if it is
    not up to date on your computer from
  4. Once is done downloading and installing make
    sure to remember where is located if Motodev ask you for its location.
  5. If the Java version is up to date once you
    execute Motodev it will ask you for an specific language.
  6. Click “OK”, In the second Screen click “Next”
  7. Click the Accept
    radio Button and click “Next”.
  8. Specify the directory or leave it at is default it is your chose of how to organize your programs and click “NEXT”.   If the
    directory does not  exit it will be
    create on the fly.
  9. The next screen
    will tell you all the packs that need to be installed and the ones that are not
    requiere.  It will also tell you about
    the require space and the available space at this time.  Make your selection and click “NEXT”.
  10. The next screen
    will ask you if you want to make any kind of shorcuts with in the menu
    structure and desktop.  It is up to you,
    if you want shorcuts.  Click “NEXT”.
  11. The installation
    will now begin with the setting the user has implemented in the previous screen
    and click “NEXT”.
  12. Once the user
    clicks “NEXT “, they will see the following screen till the process completes.
  13. Once the process
    is Finish the following screen is display and click “NEXT”.
  14. Installation
    Complete Click Fishish
  15. Once the program
    Finishes installing the user can launche Motodev from all the shortcuts he or
    she created during the setup prosses.


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