Motodev Execution

Posted: September 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

How to Execute

  1. Launch the program 
  2. It will ask you where you want the files to
    reside once you start working with Motodev.   It is up to the user to decide it location or
    use the default location.   Click “OK”.
  3. The Program will execute and display is GUI.   It will ask
    you for the SDK location that is should be download it to in the user
    computer.  Select the location and click
  4. Once the download
    complete it will ask you to run the android sdk and AVD Manager to download the
    platform. Click “YES”
  5. If it won’t letyou create a AVD update the software but it will take sometime so be perepareto wait.
  6. Create a New
  7. Click “NEXT”
  8. The AVD is now installed
  9. Click “OK” in Download Components Pop UP Window
  10. Motodev is running and now the user can start programming.

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