Chess Board Communication Xbee

Posted: September 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

Location of the chess piece in the board is one of the most important aspect of the whole system yet we are trying to avoid the use Bluetooth becuase of its high price.  An alternative is to use Xbee communication between the beacons and the chess pieces to triangulate location and it is cheap relative to Bluetooth.

What is Xbee?

Xbee communication protol works in the base of serial communicaion via the arduino microcontroller.  Information is send to the port of the arduino microcontroller and it is transmitted via wireless.  Each node is given an specific name and channel to communicate.  In the case of the chess board, it must have a transiver which can receive and transmit data in order to communicate with other chess pieces and beacons.  When it comes to the arduino board it has implemented command to read or write information to the xbee port to make it easier for the programmer.




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